Journey of a young girl who left home to become an IAS officer

Suman Samal
2 min readNov 26, 2020

In 2013, Sanju Rani Verma from Meerut, who is currently in her mid thirties, had left her family and home to seek after her fantasies as opposed to ‘settling down’ and getting hitched like most other ladies of the nation.

Presently she has broken the difficult state Public Service Commission (PSC) assessments, consequences of which were reported a week ago, and is good to go to turn into an administration official.

At the point when gotten some information about her further plans, she stated, “I am as yet not content since I need to break the common administrations assessments and become an IAS official.”

Talking about her striving days, soon after she ventured out from home, Sanju said that after her mom’s end, there was mounting tension on her to get hitched and to settle down. Her family needed her to leave school something that she was not prepared to do.

As conflicts on the issue started in the family, Sanju picked her own life-way and left home.

Sanju Rani Verma had finished graduation from RG Degree College in Meerut and was seeking after post-graduation from Delhi University.

“That year (in 2013) I ventured out from home as well as the PG course which I was seeking after from DU. There was no cash. Thus, I took a room on lease and began educating youngsters. I additionally landed low maintenance showing positions at tuition based schools. Some way or another, I proceeded with my investigations for common administrations tests,” Sanju said.

Sanju is upbeat that she decided to seek after her fantasies. She will before long be joining the administration as a business charge official.

“My last point is to break the common administrations test and become a District Magistrate,” she said.

Sanju is less angry about her family. “They had their reasons and I had mine. I need to help my family inside and out now,” is all she said.

She took instructing from Meerut and her educator Abhishek Sharma has been instrumental in her prosperity.

“I recall how the mains got delayed only 18 days before the booked day. Furthermore, I was amazingly upbeat about it since I was experiencing chickenpox. The assessment worked out positively and I was certain that I would clear it this time,” she added.

“Young ladies with dreams become ladies with dreams.”



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